Short Stacks #0 (Print Copy)

A sort of preview issue of Short Stacks. This zero issue has the first published short story by Hot Cakes Comics called “The Monster.” Written by Jordan Kirian Art by Daschel Fortner



Short Stacks #1 (Print Copy)

The first full issue of Short Stacks! A collection of short stories all written by Jordan Kirian and drawn by various artists. In this issue: “The Coffee Shop that Survived the End of the World,” “Existence of a Bomb,” “Hitch Hiking in the Afterlife,” and “Chicken Strips”.


ss1coverShort Stacks #1 (Digital Copy) 

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Bearded Comic Book Enthusiast #1 (Print Copy)

The first issue of my autobiographical mini comic. Each issue has several short stories about my life (in no particular order) on my love of comics, and the the things that shaped me. In this issue: “The Hot Cakes Name Story,” “Transformers and Capitalism,” “My First Comic,” “Revelation,” and “Judge Dredd.” Written and drawn by Jordan Kirian.



Bearded Comic Book Enthusiast #2 (Print Copy)

Another collection of short stories from my life! In this issue: “Becoming an Artist,” “My First Sale,” and “I Hit a Cat.” Written and Drawn by Jordan Kirian



bcbe1covercolor  Bearded Comic Book Enthusiast (Digital Copy)

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Holiday Hot Cakes (Print Copy)

A festive mini-comic for the season! Contains humorous several short stories covering a range of holidays. In this issue: “Thanksgiving Day Parade,” “Happy Holidays,” “Snowman,” Gil’s Sweater Emporium,” “Swampy Claus,” and “New Year’s Eve.” All stories written and drawn by Jordan Kirian


holidaycoverHoliday Hot Cakes (Digital Copy) 

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Finding Jordan #1

Finding Jordan is the fictionalized version of my real life. You know, kind of like those sitcoms where the main character is the actor, just a little different. Follow a self aggrandized hero of the people (Jordan) in daily adventures in which he says what I wish I could say out loud. This is a comic that covers comics, real life issues, and the unmatched wrath of the nerd! Written by Jordan Kirian Art by Jeff Wilson


newbackgrndFinding Jordan #1 (Digital) 

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