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Friday Review: Macanudo

You'll be forgiven if you've never heard of this comic. Macanudo is actually a daily comic strip from Argentina by Liniers (I know I must seem like the biggest hipster right now) that I just happened to stumble upon while working the other day. So, technically, this is the second volume of collected strips. However,… Continue reading Friday Review: Macanudo

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Traditional Drawing

Last week for my blog, I took a look at both traditional and digital drawings. This proved to be a little too big for one entry, so I decided that I would split it up and talk about each method separately so I could get a more complete catalog of thoughts about each process. This… Continue reading Traditional Drawing

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Friday Review: Andre the Giant Closer to Heaven

I love professional wrestling, don't try to change me. I have fond memories of watching wrestling, going back to when I was a kid, some of my first memories in fact. And of course, watching those old VHS tapes, one of the men that sticks out the most is Andre the Giant, the Eight Wonder… Continue reading Friday Review: Andre the Giant Closer to Heaven

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Traditional and Digital Drawing

One of the most frequent questions I ask when meeting other creators at conventions is "do you draw traditionally or digitally?" meaning do you draw on paper, or do you draw on your computer. This usually leads to some pretty interesting discussion (often times the rare kind that doesn't end in debate or argument. Hard… Continue reading Traditional and Digital Drawing

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Friday Review: 5,000 km Per Second

For this week's book review, I went on a quest to find something different. And, thanks to the people at Fantagraphics (doing the Lords' work tm), I found 5,000 km Per Second. This comic was written and drawn by Manuele Fior, and was originally published in Italy. So I have to thank Jamie Richards for the translation.… Continue reading Friday Review: 5,000 km Per Second

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The Creative Process

The question I get asked the most, besides "What are you doing with your life?!" and "Why is it called Hot Cakes?" is about where my ideas come from. I think you'll hear that from any writer/artist/creative person who makes stuff. I mean, I think that in almost every interview I've read, this sentiment has… Continue reading The Creative Process

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Friday Review: My Friend Dahmer

I have to say, it took me a surprisingly long time to get to this book. Given that I live in Ohio, I've run into a lot of people who've read My Friend Dahmer, but I myself never picked it up until recently. I'll start the review portion by saying this book is a haunting experience. I… Continue reading Friday Review: My Friend Dahmer

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Reading Goals in 2018

This year I tried to stay away from New Year's Resolutions. You know "I'm going to lose weight!" That kind of stuff. I mean, never before have I followed through with those goals because, frankly, it's all a lot of hogwash. I've never used that word before in writing, either, so I guess new year,… Continue reading Reading Goals in 2018

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Friday Review: the World of Edena

It's the last Friday Review of 2017, so let's finish up with a bang: Moebius! I've been meaning to dive into the work of Moebius for some time now, but I've had trouble finding some. Then the people of Dark Horse started doing the Lord's work (sorry Fantagraphics), and I found this collected, translated edition… Continue reading Friday Review: the World of Edena

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Year of the Cakes-2017

Usually on my blog I like to talk about topics that can be deemed informative in regards to comics. But every now and then I take the road less traveled and talk about ME! And if there's any time to do that, it's now, at the end of the year. I take this time to… Continue reading Year of the Cakes-2017