Meeting Your Maker

Hey gang, it's that funky flash man, Jordan, here. You may know the story behind the name "Hot Cakes Comics." If not, basically, I own a shirt that says "hot cakes" and it earned me the nick name a few years ago. Well, here's where it gets cool. The shirt was actually for a band… Continue reading Meeting Your Maker


The Creation of a Page with Daschel Fortner

    Hey, everybody!  It's me, Dasch Fortner, the artist working on Egghead.  I've decided to write a behind-the-scenes of sorts, showing the process of making the first page for the first issue (wow, lots of firsts).  Before I dive into what I've done, however, I would like to take the time to laud Jordan on… Continue reading The Creation of a Page with Daschel Fortner