Gosh, what a busy time it’s been for Hot Cakes Comics. Organizing and tabling a con is a lot of time and effort. And gosh what a strange time it’s been for America. The day of the con was also the day of the Nazi march in Charlottesville, so I didn’t know about any of it well until after it happened. Those events are what inspired this comic (if you couldn’t guess.) I reworked my old wrestling comic to take on the true enemy: Nazis. Now, don’t let it be said that I’m ACTUALLY suggesting violence…unless you’re a professional! I won’t say much more about this comic because it speaks for itself. But I will add that this is my first web comic that is truly black and white. I wanted to play with that and see how it looks, because I’ve done so much else, but never no real color. Plus, I tried inking with a brush pen instead of a micron. I liked the way it looked. Mostly. I will note though that my scanner is the worst in the world, so it might look a little whack. That’s why I typically do digital, but my drawing tablet was being borrowed, and inspiration struck when I had nothing but the old fashioned tools of the trade.